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Disney+ Drive-In is located at Northshore Riverfront Event Space in Hamilton, next to the Brisbane Cruise Terminal. Entry is off MacArthur Avenue.

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Food & Drink

No cinema experience is complete without classic staples such as popcorn, confectionery and soft drinks, all of which will be available at the kiosk onsite. Ticket holders will also be able to order their favourite hot food from food delivery platform, DoorDash . All orders will be delivered to the DoorDash kiosk at the gate, and taken to the relevant car bay by our staff. No more rushing to eat before the film, or struggling to give an accurate location to your delivery driver. Alternatively, patrons are welcome to bring their own food and drinks (with the exception of alcohol) to enjoy from the comfort of their car.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we hear the movie?

Audio will be supplied via an FM transmitter, accessible from the radio in your car. Attendees must have a working FM radio either in their car, or a portable alternative, to receive audio for the film. Portable radios will be available for purchase onsite at the venue.

Will I have a good view of the screen?

Yes. Our Brisbane venue will be set up to provide the best possible viewing experience for all patrons.

Are there toilet facilities available at the venue?

Toilet facilities are located onsite, to the right of the screen when facing it. The queuing area will be marked out, in adherence with social distancing regulations.

Will there be alcohol available at the event?

Alcohol, drugs and illegal and dangerous substances are strictly prohibited at the Disney+ Drive-In event and venue. Any person who attempts to bring alcohol or any of these other substances into the venue will be refused entry or asked to leave.

Where can I find screening times?

You can view all upcoming screenings here.

I’m under 18, can I still attend the event?

Yes. Please note, the Australian Classification Board makes classification decisions about films under the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995. Disney+ Drive-In may require proof of age identification in order to permit a person entry to a particular screening at the event.

What happens if I’m late?

Entry will not be permitted to patrons who arrive more than 15 minutes after the film has commenced. This is necessary for safety and traffic management issues and to ensure no disturbance is made to other patrons. Patrons should arrive as early as possible.

Is this a wheelchair accessible event?

Disney+ Drive-In is fully navigable for patrons with mobility impairment, with accessible amenities located nearby designated parking, to the right of the screen, when facing it. Patrons will need a verified permit to enter these spaces. The person to whom the permit is issued must be present in the vehicle, as a driver or passenger.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Popcorn, an assortment of snacks, and soft drinks are available to purchase at the venue, but you are also more than welcome to bring your own food (including hot food) and drinks.

Can I walk into the venue and join my friends or family inside another car?

Yes – but a seperate ticket will be required. Tickets are no longer valid once redeemed at the gate, and cannot be transferred.

Can I smoke or vape at the event?

Disney+ Drive-In is a smoke-free event. We kindly ask that all patrons please leave the venue if they wish to smoke or vape. Wristbands will be issued as pass-outs for this purpose.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are permitted at the venue provided that guests follow social distancing rules when walking about the venue with their dog, and ensure their dog is kept on a short leash at all times. It is the responsibility of owners to clean up after their dogs. Disney+ Drive In staff may intervene if a dog behaves in an unruly manner to ensure the enjoyment of other patrons is not affected and may require the owner and the dog to exit the venue.


COVID-19 Policy

The team at Disney+ Drive-In are committed to providing a safe environment for all guests, staff, and suppliers. We are fully compliant with all current government advice and restrictions pertaining to COVID-19, and any additional regulatory requirements will be implemented accordingly. Supplies and personal protective equipment will be provided to staff, including gloves and face masks, in adherence with social distancing and hygiene practices. It is at the attendees discretion whether to wear a face mask to the event.

Hand washing stations will be located by the toilet facilities, and hand sanitising stations located at the entrance, and at the bar. For the safety and health of our staff, and the whole community, we ask that guests practice good general hygiene and if feeling unwell, to remain at home. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help reduce COVID-19 community transmission and appreciate your cooperation.

Can I sit outside my car?


Can I sit in the tray of my ute?


How close will the car next to me be?

Each parking space is 5.2×4.75m. Depending on the size of the car, there will be about 1.2m between car spots, and close to 2.5m between cars.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

It is at the attendees discretion whether to wear a face mask at the event.

Will I have to sign in at the gate?

In line with COVID-19 health regulations, and to assist in any future contact tracing requirements, it is a condition of entry that all attendees check-in using the QR code handed to them upon arrival. Confirmation of this check-in must be shown to Disney+ Drive-In gate staff before entry to the venue will be permitted. Pedestrian and Disney+ Drive-In also reserve the right to add further requirements relating to COVID-19 to address changing restrictions and requirements in the relevant locality.


How will I receive my ticket?

An email confirmation of your tickets will be sent to the email address provided at the time of ticket purchase. You should ensure you enter your email address correctly so your tickets are sent to the correct email address. Attendees can also access their tickets via the Eventbrite app.

Where do I get my ticket scanned?

Your booking confirmation and PDF ticket must be presented to the Disney+ Drive In staff on entry to the venue via your car window, either via your mobile device (preferred) or in print version. Disney+ Drive-In staff will not handle the tickets or your mobile device – the barcode on the ticket will be scanned by them contactlessly.

Haven’t received a ticket confirmation email, and the transaction does not appear on the bank statement?

It is unlikely that the transaction was successful.

What do I do if I don’t receive my tickets?

Please contact our customer support team and they can resend your tickets. If you don’t receive a reply in time for the session, gate staff will be able to search your name in the system.

Refund Policy

Pedestrian Group reserves the right to cancel, delay or suspend Disney+ Drive In at its discretion due to any circumstances including without limitation, bad weather, unavailability of venue, government restrictions, COVID-19, danger, or any other cause. If a screening is cancelled, and there is no availability for the same tickets for any remaining screening, alternative tickets and extras will be offered to match the value of the original booking. Refunds will only be granted if there is no availability for remaining screenings and if requested within 7 days after a cancelled screening.

COVID-19 Refund Policy

Tickets will be refunded in full (including booking fees) if the ticket holder(s) feel unwell, or if they are in mandatory self-isolation on the day of the screening.

Can my child attend the event for free?

If you have a child under five, and two adults are attending, you can purchase a ticket for 1 Car – Up to 2 people. If the child is over five years of age, and two adults are attending, you will need to purchase a ticket for 1 Car – 3 people or more.

Vehicle-related FAQ

I drive a convertible, can I have my car roof down during the film?

Yes – we please ask, however, that patrons consider their neighbours when it comes to sound, keeping it relatively low to ensure it doesn’t inhibit their viewing experience.

Can I open my car window during the film?

Yes – we please ask, however, that patrons consider their neighbours when it comes to sound, keeping it relatively low to ensure it doesn’t inhibit their viewing experience.

What happens if my car runs out of battery?

If your car runs out of battery, our friendly onsite staff can assist you in contacting RACQ.

What is the speed limit at the venue?

There is a strict speed limit of 5km p/h within the venue. We ask that you please drive responsibly, adhere to the designated speed limit and follow all instructions of traffic management staff.

Are car spaces allocated?

Parking within the venue will be allocated on a first come, first served basis based on vehicle size, with a clear vantage point from all car spaces. There is no pre-booking for a particular car space within the venue. Each vehicle must only take up 1 car parking space. Each park will have a letter and number assigned to it, such as ‘A5’ or ‘E12’ – the letter signifying row, and the number signifying position.

What does contactless food and drink service mean?

To provide the safest, and most convenient method of service for all patrons at the event, we have engaged a contactless delivery service called Mr Yum to deliver all your movie snacks and drinks. Guests can order from the app on their phone, and one of our friendly staff members will deliver to your car space. We ask that patrons note down their correct Row Number and registration plate or vehicle position (ie. A19 – as stenciled on the ground), when ordering via the app.

Can I have my daytime running lights, or parking lights on during the film?

All lights on the exterior of your car, and the engine, must be turned off once the film commences, including low beam, full beam, brake, and fog lights. Disney+ Drive-In staff reserve the right to ask you to relocate to the rear of the venue, or leave entirely if your lights cause a distraction to other patrons.

Are vehicles able to move about the venue once it’s open?

No, patrons are advised to remain parked after entering the venue, for the duration of the film.

I have a van, can I park it side on?

No, patrons driving a van are advised to park front or rear in first.

Are there any height restrictions on cars?

Yes – 2.4m.

Can I bring a trailer and sit in it?


Can I sit in the boot of my hatchback car?




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